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Plastic Bones

Aaron Plunkett's Blue Bones have been cast from Aaron's custom collection of personally hand-crafted authentic Irish Bones. Plunkett uses advanced casting applications and hi-tech materials to re-create his best bone shapes for ease of playing, balance, sound reproduction and ergo-dynamics.

Each model produces a different pitch in tonal range:
Alpha/Slim--higher, Omega/Stout-- lower.
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1.) Alpha/Slim: for regular and larger hands;
approx. size and weight, 1 1/4" x 1/8" x 7", 3.0 oz. pair.
Plastic bones alpha slim

2.) Omega/Stout: for smaller hands;
approx. size and weight, 1" x 1/4" x 6", 3.0 oz. pair.
Plastic bones omega stout

Each pair (Slim and Stout models), are matched to be approximately identical in size, shape and weight. Blue Bones are cast in the likeness of natural bone, therefore, no two bones are exactly the same.

Blue Bones are made out of specially formulated urethane that is combined with stone, air and metal suspended inside of the bone. The combination of these materials, and the natural shape, provide effortless performance and superior command of the instrument. Aaron's Blue Bones deliver a unique 'crack' and different sound, slightly softer in volume than real bone. Each pair is personally crafted and fine tuned. Also, Blue Bones are vegan sensitive.

Reproduction, imitation/replication, and/or duplication of any kind is strictly prohibited by federal law, Patent Pending. Aaron Plunkett's Blue Bones© are a Copyright of Plunkett Percussion/Productions.




The BONES instructional video features 75 minutes of "Hands On" educational entertainment. Aarons' unique sound and abilities have afforded him many soundtrack recordings such as the epic film, THE TITANIC.




The WORLD BEATS video features live, costumed performances of ancient, ethnic, percussive traditions. Aaron Plunkett puts it all together in this fascinating 33 minute program. SEE MORE...

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