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Friday, November 2
1417 W. Eighth Street
San Pedro, CA 90732

Join Aaron at Alva's where he will accompany one of the worlds greatest Irish piper's, master flute player, Paddy Keenan. One of the founding members of the Bothy Band, Mr. Keenan has been a driving force in Irish Traditional music. For over thirty years, he has focused on a simple but rarely attained goal: to present the music in it's purest essence. Transcending the technical challenges of the uillean pipes, flute and tin whistle, Paddy has consistently mined the rough ore of jigs, reel, and airs, worked and reworked their presentation until we, his audience, get to hear the real pure, life affirming beauty of them.

Hear the Traditional Irish percussion instruments, the bodhran, spoons and one of the oldest instruments in the world, the ancient Irish bones as played by bones maestro, Aaron Plunkett. Mr. Plunkett is one of a select few players who demonstrates a two-handed bones playing style and has further developed that method so that the pitches change while playing.

Come enjoy the beautiful music these masters make together.
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Celebrate life by playing the world's oldest instruments. Learn to play percussion instruments from around the globe like the ancient Irish Bones, Spoons, and Bodhran (pronounced "Bow-Ron"), or the elegant Egyptian Riqq (tamborine), and Dumbek/Tabl (goblature drum), or perhaps, the seductive sounds of the Cuban Congas or the tantalizing rhythms of the American Drum-Set. You, too, can be a part of the magic that is the heartbeat of the world-music! Adults and children, beginners to advanced, EVERYONE will learn to play Traditional cultural music of the world.

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