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The "BONES FROM THE BEGINNING" instructional video features 80 minutes of comprehensive, "Hands On" educational entertainment focusing the viewer on playing, preserving and understanding the tradition of ancient Irish Bone playing. Starting at the most basic levels and continuing on to advanced formats, one hand or two, this video shares and unfolds the timeless secrets needed to play one of the oldest instruments in the world using simple language phrases to convey complex and simple rhythms on the Bones. The video displays music and culture in a setting that is both enjoyable, educational and fun covering basic and advanced Celtic music forms such as Jigs/Reels/Slipjigs as well as multi-ethnic musical styles. Mr. Plunkett is one of a few select players who has developed a method so that the pitches change while playing, and his unique sound and abilities have afforded him many soundtrack recordings such as the epic film, THE TITANIC, where you can hear his featured Irish percussion tracks the Bodhran (Celtic Drum), Spoons and Bones.

You may purchase this with or without a pair of high quality wooden bones to get you started.

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Aaron Plunkett's Irish ancestral heritage and devotion to Celtic music have inspired him to study traditional Irish percussion in Northern Ireland with Eamon McGuire, Michael O'Suilleabhain and Mel Mercier from the South at the University College Cork. He did intensive study of traditional Irish music with a focus on percussion to authenticate and perfect his playing. Aaron is one of a select few players who demonstrates a two-handed bones playing style and has further developed that method so that the pitches change while playing.

Mr. Plunkett has performed with the legendary Celtic master of the Irish uilleann pipes, Paddy Keenan, a driving force and one of the founding members of the Bothy Band who forever changed the face of Irish Traditional music.



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