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North America
Drum Set (Kit)

This instrument, or rather group of instruments, was known as a "contraption", later shortened to "traps", and referred to later as a "set" or "kit". This is an American invention originating most likely in New Orleans and is played with two hands (stick in each) and two feet (foot pedals under each). The drum kit demands a keen sense of mind/body coordination and lends itself to an almost infinite set of possible combinations and permutations. This instrument is comprised of elements from all over the world-snares and bass drums from Europe, tom-toms from China and Africa, cymbals from Turkey and homely additions such as cowbells, anvils and wood blocks. This melding of worldly instruments bred a new kind of drumming, a new instrument, and incidentally laid the groundwork for America's social society to accommodate new rhythmic requirements, hence, jass or jazz, was born.

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