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Nigeria (Africa)

The "bata" is originally from Nigeria and the Yoruban populations of Africa. It is also found in Afro-Cuban culture via the slave trade from Nigeria and the Congo. The bata pictured here is from northern Benin, and is conical in shape. Commonly, this drum is hour-glass in shape, carved out of a single piece of wood and covered with goatskin on each end. It is played with hands in both the Afro-Cuban and Yoruban cultures (Nigeria), however, in Nigeria and surrounding areas, it is also played with a stick or leather strap on one end. Traditional bata music is played with a family of three drums, the "iya" (mother), the "itotole" (father) and the "onkonkolo" (child). African populations that play bata brought rhythms and drumming of their religions across the ocean, which gave way to the Santeria in Cuba, Vodou in Haiti, and Candombe in Brazil.

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