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Resin bones, information about resin bones, and instructional videos about Resin Bones are available here for your review. Plunkett Percussion Resin Bones are custom shaped, tuned and molded using different architectural applications using combinations of complex resins. They are tuned and shaped to resemble real goat bones and provide a very unique sound . Our Resin Bones are made with the highest quality materials using the highest standards of craftsmanship and production.

Multi-ethnic percussionist, educator and recording artist, Aaron Plunkett is well versed in "Percussion From Around The World." He completed a two-year, 48,000 mile world tour including the Middle, Near, and Far East , as well as portions of Europe , the Celtic Isles and Africa . He is equally at home with Caribbean and South American music idioms. Resin Bones instructional video was created after Aaron Plunkett completed a two-year world tour, where he collected numerous exotic instruments and received instruction from master drummers. Regions of concentration include Ireland , Iran , India , Indonesia , the Balkans, Turkey , Egypt , and Ghana , Africa .

If you would like more information about Aaron Plunkett, resin bones, Resin Bones instructional video and other instruments, please click here to continue on to the rest of our website, where you will find helpful information about Aaron Plunkett, resin bones, and many other instruments. If you have any questions about Aaron Plunkett, resin bones, and the long list of other instruments or if you need help purchasing our Resin Bones or our resin bones instructional video, please feel free to call us at 818-569-5465. We will do our best to help you with all your needs for resin bones.


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