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Ireland (Europe)

Second to that of the human voice, "bones" are the oldest instruments known to man. 2.5 million years ago, bones, stones and wood, then used as tools, were also one of our first forms of musical instruments. Idiophones are instruments that produce their sound from the substance of the instrument itself. Pictured here are Irish bones which are ribs from a goat or sheep. Similar styles of playing bone, wood and even stone are found all over the world stretching from South India to Mongolia, to the six Celtic regions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Bretagne, France and Asturias, Spain. To hold and play the instrument, two bones are cradled in one hand and balanced vertically while the forearm and hand produce a rotating and waving motion, allowing the bones to pendulum and strike each other producing sound.


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The BONES instructional video features 75 minutes of "Hands On" educational entertainment. Aarons' unique sound and abilities have afforded him many soundtrack recordings such as the epic film, THE TITANIC.




The WORLD BEATS video features live, costumed performances of ancient, ethnic, percussive traditions. Aaron Plunkett puts it all together in this fascinating 33 minute program. SEE MORE...

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