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Bodhran Irish drum information and Irish Bodhran drums for purchase are available here for your review. Bodhran Irish drum, is pronounced (Bough-rawn) Irish drum. The Bodhran Irish drum is an Irish drum constructed from a laminated, shallow, round, wooden frame and, in some cases, is reinforced with a wooden crossbar in the center.

Ireland is one of six Celtic regions that utilize the Bodhran Irish drum in varying styles and techniques. Skin, of goat, calf or even greyhound, covers one side of the Bodhran Irish drum, and that side is struck with the hand or stick (tipper). The stick comes in many shapes and sizes, and varies completely based on the individual style of the player, and the region from which the player comes. Since the Bodhran Irish drum is open-ended, various shifts of timbre and pitch can be achieved by manipulating the hand, fingers, or arm on the inside of the skin. In some cases, players of the Bodhran Irish drum have developed this technique to such a high degree that the melodic line of the song can be heard and played in counterpoint.

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